5 Ways That a Professional Dental Cleaning Brightens Your Smile

5 Ways That a Professional Dental Cleaning Brightens Your Smile

5 Ways That a Professional Dental Cleaning Brightens Your Smile

Routine dental cleaning will keep away all the nasty things that try to lower the radiance of your smile. A dental cleaning also removes surface stains, and when you want to get your teeth whitened, a cleaning will prepare your teeth for the treatment.

Professional dental cleaning keeps your smile bright in many ways.

How professional teeth cleaning is done

A professional teeth cleaning is part of the routine dental checkup that a person should get every six months. Before the cleaning begins, the dentist evaluates the health of the mouth, gums and teeth by doing the following:

  • The dentist will check the teeth and gums for plaque, tartar, gum disease and cavities
  • They will also check for cracked or broken teeth
  • They will confirm if the restorations in the teeth are intact
  • They will check for cysts, growths and inflammation in the tongue and cheeks
  • The dentist will confirm that the teeth are properly aligned and that the jaw and facial bones are healthy

The dentist or dental hygienist will then perform the cleaning. It usually goes something like this:

  • Using a scaler, the dentist will scrape away the plaque and tartar that hides between the teeth and in the pockets between the base of teeth and the gums
  • Using a high-powered electric toothbrush and abrasive toothpaste, the dentist will scrub the teeth to remove any remaining plaque
  • The dentist will then floss the teeth
  • The patient will be given a mouth rinse to clean out the debris from the plaque removal
  • Lastly, the dentist will give the patient a fluoride treatment
  • The cleaning will keep cavities at bay until the next routine checkup.

How a dental cleaning keeps teeth white

A teeth cleaning will keep a person's smile bright by ensuring it stays decay-free and improving its aesthetics. It does so in the following ways:

1. Teeth cleaning removes tartar, which stains teeth

Tartar is an unsightly, yellow-brown coating that forms at the base of the teeth. By scraping away the tartar with a scaler and a high-powered dentist's toothbrush, the dentist restores a patient's bright smile.

2. Cleaning also removes surface stains

Stains caused by substances like coffee and tobacco are removed during routine dental cleanings. In addition, the dentist will encourage the patient to make lifestyle changes to prevent the teeth from getting stained again.

3. Cavities will be prevented or caught early

Routine dental visits allow the dentist to check for cavities. If any are found, they will be filled. By preventing tooth decay, routine dental checks keep a person's smile bright and white.

4. Teeth cleaning should be done before teeth whitening

Having teeth cleaned before a whitening procedure ensures even whitening of the teeth. If the teeth are whitened before professional teeth cleaning is done, the coating of accumulated plaque or tartar will prevent the whitening agent from reaching parts of the teeth.

5. Teeth cleaning removes the need for teeth whitening treatments

If the teeth are in good health, chances are high that they will be pearly white. So, regular cleaning of the teeth by a dental professional is a sure way of maintaining a bright smile.

Prevention is easy

Getting regular teeth cleanings is an important part of life. Set a date with your dentist and get your teeth cleaned.

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