5 Ways to Help Your Anxiety About Going to the Dentist

Dental anxiety

Do you have anxiety about the dentist?

Dental anxiety is always a downfall for anyone who has it. Your quality of life goes down, and there seems to be no relief in sight. Going to the dentist should not cause you to feel this way. Luckily, there are strategies to help people who feel nervous about visiting the dentist office.

Five ways to help your anxiety about going to the dentist

1. One of the ways you can calm yourself is to talk to your dentist and let them know that you suffer from this devastating condition. If your dentist knows that you are fearful, they will try everything in their power to calm you down so you can leave with healthy and beautiful teeth.

2. You need to get into a comfortable mindset. Concentrate on the way you are breathing, making sure to take slow, deep breaths. This will calm your racing heart and reduce anxiety levels.

3. If you love music and do not want to hear the potentially anxiety-inducing sounds of the dentist's office, then tell your dentist that you will be listening to music during the procedure. This should be fine, as long as your headphones do not get in the way.

4. Being proactive will help ease your tension. If you have an appointment, try to be early. When you are in a rush, your anxiety can seem to worsen. If your doctor prescribes you any type of anti-anxiety medication, then you need to take your proper dosage before sitting in the patient's chair. This will certainly ease your nerves and allow you to sit back and get your teeth worked on.

5. It is also important to avoid caffeinated drinks the day you visit the dentist. Caffeine can increase your heart rate, negatively impacting your anxiety. You are better off drinking water at least 12 hours before your appointment.

You do not have to fear going to the dentist, especially when you use the above tips to minimize the anxiety that surrounds visiting a dental office. Dentists are here to help all their patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

The better you take care of your oral health, the longer you will stay healthy and live longer. Protecting your teeth and utilizing preventive care measures will keep you looking younger, from your teeth to your toes. Believe it or not, if you do not take care of your oral health, it will deteriorate faster than you can imagine.

If you have dental anxiety, talk with a qualified dentist. You both need to have open communication in order to build a trusting and lasting patient and dentist relationship.

If you need more help when it comes to relieving anxiety at the dentist's office, call us today to learn more coping strategies.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Advanced Dentistry Of Walnut Creek, request an appointment in our Walnut Creek dental office here: https://www.dentistrywalnutcreek.com. Or call us at (925) 300-4536.

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