7 Commonly Asked Dentures Questions

Got denture questions? Great! If you are someone who would benefit from wearing dentures then understanding your denture options is going to help you make the best denture choice. Dentures are often a top choice when someone is missing multiple teeth. Not having a full set of teeth does not make for a healthy mouth and can make it extremely difficult for you to perform your everyday functions. There are only benefits to getting dentures due to the many advanced dental technologies that are now available. Dentures are now not only able to offer you a natural look, they are also much more comfortable to wear nowadays.

7 Commonly Asked Dentures Questions

The following are seven of the most commonly asked questions about dentures.

1. What kind of dentures are the best dentures? Because every dental patient is going to be different it will simply depend on their particular situation when it comes to the type of dentures an experienced dentist will recommend, i.e. partial, full, conventional, dental implants. Denture materials should also be explored.

2. What’s the best way to take care of dentures? Gently cleaning dentures every day is necessary for long-lasting dentures. General cleaning instructions include using a soft brush and a special cleanser, with each denture type coming with its own set of instructions for care.

3. How long do dentures last? It depends on the type of dentures.  On average, dentures tend to last about eight years. Some dentures will only last about five years while others may last up to 12 years.

4. Will wearing dentures get in the way of talking, eating and/or drinking? It often takes new denture wearers a few weeks or so to get adjusted to wearing new dentures. Practicing at home before going out is often recommended in order to boost new denture wearers confidence.

5. Do dentures have to be worn all the time? Denture wearers can choose when to wear their dentures. It is recommended that all denture wearers remove their dentures at night when sleeping in order to give the gums some rest time.

6. Does it take a long time to get used to wearing dentures? It normally takes at least a few weeks for new denture wearers to get used to wearing their new dentures. There could be some discomfort or irritation, in the beginning, making it necessary for any adjustments that can make for a better fit be made during this time.

7. How exactly do dentures stay in one’s mouth? Conventional dentures are able to stay in place by fitting over and accordingly suctioning onto one’s gum tissue and bone. When someone has issues regarding conventional dentures fitting properly they can also use a special denture adhesive to keep the dentures in their place. Implant supported dentures are now available due to new dental technologies and is often a preferred denture choice due to the ability for the dental implants to hold the dentures securely in place.

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