Adult Teeth Straightening FAQs

Adult Teeth Straightening FAQs

Adult Teeth Straightening FAQs

If you dislike your smile, teeth straightening could be just what you need. There are various methods available to fix crooked teeth and improve your appearance. You may think that you are too old for such a treatment. Or perhaps you are worried about wearing a specific appliance. As you learn about different options and how your dentist can help, you will feel more comfortable making a decision.

How crooked teeth can affect a person

For many people, having misaligned teeth is first and foremost an aesthetic problem. It can be embarrassing to need teeth straightening. People with crooked teeth may even want to avoid being around other people. However, issues with crooked teeth can go beyond cosmetics.

Crooked teeth can be prone to developing decay and infections. It is difficult to effectively brush and floss when teeth are twisted or growing in at odd angles. There can also be pain in these situations. The crooked teeth can bump against one another and can also put strain on the jaw.

Are adults too old for teeth straightening?

For many people, the thought of straightening crooked teeth brings up images of teenagers. While teens are good candidates for these treatments, it is not too late for adults. Clear aligners are a good option for young adults, middle-aged, and even older people. The treatment length to straighten teeth for adults is generally about the same as with younger patients.

What is a good choice for adults who do not want a noticeable treatment?

It can be difficult to live with crooked teeth. But many adults are self-conscious about wearing teeth-straightening apparatuses and appliances. Clear aligners make a lot of sense for adult patients who do not want others to detect they are going through treatment. Aligners are made of plastic and are practically invisible. The aligners are like mouthguards and slip over the teeth snugly.

Is the treatment painful?

An advantage that clear aligners have is that the mouthguards are comfortable. They are not likely to rub against the gums, tongue, or cheeks and cause sores. It can take some time to get used to the treatment, but the patient should get used to it after a few weeks. Plus, the teeth straightening treatment length is generally shorter with aligners than with other methods.

What can aligners fix?

Clear aligners can straighten crooked teeth and address bite dysfunctions. The aligners can also close small gaps and treat crowded teeth. People with severely crooked teeth should look at other options. Aligners also cannot treat a patient who has other devices in their mouth, such as bridges or crowns.

Find your new straight smile with aligners

If you never had treatment as a child or teen to fix your crooked teeth, you still have time. Teeth straightening works well for adults, especially when you choose clear aligners. You can once again enjoy your smile and feel good about how you look. Talk to your dentist today about whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

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