Are Laser Dentist Procedures Painless?

Are Laser Dentist Procedures Painless?

Are Laser Dentist Procedures Painless?

If you are considering seeing a laser dentist for treatment, you may be concerned about pain or discomfort. After all, many people have painful memories of their dentist using a drill at some point during treatment.
This might make you wonder if a laser is more or less painful than a drill. Lasers are often shown cutting through wood or metal, so you might think they can damage your teeth or gums.
However, laser dentistry gives dentists more precision during procedures. It also is not as painful as traditional treatment methods.
Keep reading to see what type of pain you might experience when visiting a laser dentist.
About dental anxiety and fear

Many dental patients tend to experience dental anxiety or fear because they have painful memories. Even though it may have been years ago, a single memory can stop an adult from seeing a dentist. This exposes them to problems that can damage their teeth.
Dental anxiety is a common issue for many people. For this reason, dentists needed a less painful treatment method.
About laser dentistry

Using lasers in certain dentistry procedures is becoming quite popular. The lasers do not cause as much pain as drills. Also, they do not make loud noises or vibrations that also cause anxiety in some patients.
Since lasers cause little to no pain, many patients do not need anesthetic during procedures. Some people do not like the feeling of anesthesia, so this is another benefit.
Also, lasers cause less bleeding than other methods. They are perfect for working on soft tissue which is prone to excessive bleeding. Less bleeding minimizes the chances of infection spreading to other areas of the mouth.
Overall, laser dentistry can be used to keep your oral health in great shape without causing any unnecessary pain.
How does laser dentistry work?

Dental lasers work by focusing a very small yet intense beam of light energy to treat problems. A dental laser is easy to control and gives the laser dentist the ability to perform a variety of dental procedures with more precision.
The type of treatment also determines which type of laser the dentist will use. They will choose between a hard tissue laser or a soft tissue laser.
Common procedures that use dental lasers

The following is a short list of dental procedures that laser dentistry can treat:
  • Gum disease
  • Gum inflammation
  • Cold sores
  • Root canal infections
  • Sleep apnea problems
  • Damaged nerves

Would you like to try laser dentistry?

While laser dentistry may not be completely painless, it is less painful and more precise than traditional methods. There will be less bleeding and less need for anesthesia.
Do not let your dental fear stop you from taking care of your teeth.
If you would like to learn more about laser dentistry, please call our office. All it will take is one visit with our laser dentist for you to realize the benefits of this technology.
Request an appointment here: or call Advanced Dentistry Of Walnut Creek at (925) 937-2273 for an appointment in our Walnut Creek office.
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