Clear Aligners From a Cosmetic Dentist

Clear Aligners From a Cosmetic Dentist

Clear Aligners From a Cosmetic Dentist

The main concern of a cosmetic dentist is helping their patients achieve a more attractive smile that they can feel confident about showing off while in public. One of the methods they use to do this is with clear aligners. A cosmetic dentist can help patients through the entire process with clear aligners.

Cosmetic dentistry and clear aligners

No one should have to live with a smile they are not completely happy with, and clear aligners help those who are insecure about the alignment of their teeth achieve a straighter smile and a higher level of confidence. The following is everything one needs to know about clear aligners, including what they are, who they are intended for and the benefits that they provide.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are plastic devices that are designed to help patients straighten misaligned teeth and malocclusions. Each set of aligners are specifically designed for the exact person that is wearing them, and in many cases, a new set of aligners is issued each time the patient hits a milestone of progress.

The process of clear aligners most often involves an initial oral examination to determine whether or not they are the right teeth straightening option for the patient. After both the cosmetic dentist and patient agree to treatment, an impression is taken of the patient’s teeth, which is used to create the aligners.

Who are clear aligners for?

Clear aligners are intended for anyone who is insecure about their smile and feel as if they will be more confident with straighter teeth. In many cases, clear aligners may also be recommended if the misalignment or malocclusion is affecting the patient’s oral hygiene or oral health.

Everyone deserves to feel confident when they smile, and clear aligners can help patients gain a more attractive smile. Since the aligners are essentially invisible, they are also perfect for patients who may feel embarrassed if they were to wear traditional braces.  

Benefits of clear aligners

Clear aligners are able to provide many useful benefits that other teeth straightening options cannot. By understanding these advantages, patients can determine whether or not clear aligners - or another form of treatment - are right for them and their exact needs. Here are the most notable benefits of clear aligners:

  • Invisible treatment
  • Shorter treatment
  • Less care required
  • No diet restrictions

With clear aligners, patients do not have to worry about feeling insecure about having metal wires in their mouth, they only have to spend around a year wearing the devices and they do not have to change their eating habits.

Talk to a cosmetic dentist today

A skilled cosmetic dentist is able to guide the patient through the entire process that is involved with clear aligners. On the first visit, the cosmetic dentist can go over all of the options that the patient has, perform an oral evaluation and even take the impression for the clear aligners, with treatment following after the aligners are customized and delivered back to the office.

If you want to find out more about clear aligners and how they can help you, contact us and schedule a time to come in for a consultation.

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