Dental Bonding Can Help With Damaged Teeth

Dental Bonding Can Help With Damaged Teeth

Dental Bonding Can Help With Damaged Teeth

There are many ways teeth can become damaged, and when an incident occurs, it often requires prompt dental restoration such as dental bonding to repair the appearance and oral health of the damaged teeth. Bonding is one way that dentists can repair damaged teeth quickly and effectively.

How dental bonding repairs teeth

Dental bonding involves the application and bonding of a composite resin material to damaged, decayed, or stained teeth to improve the cosmetic appearance and oral health. There are specific types of teeth damage that dental bonding works well for, including chips, cracks, worn-down enamel, stains, and teeth damaged by nighttime teeth grinding. 

Chips and cracks

Two of the more common types of tooth damage that dental bonding is used to repair are chips and cracks. A chipped tooth or a cracked tooth can result from a blow to the mouth while falling or playing sports, as a result of biting down on hard foods or ice and in a variety of other scenarios. Dental bonding restores the appearance and protects teeth that are damaged by chips and cracks by applying a composite resin material and curing it in place with an ultraviolet dental light. 

Worn-down enamel

If teeth enamel becomes worn down over time due to poor oral hygiene or as a result of a diet that is high in sugar, then a dentist may recommend dental bonding as a way to deal with the cosmetic issues the damage has caused and ensure the tooth is properly protected from a cavity. Dental bonding is most often recommended for more visible teeth at the front of the mouth, and dentists can ensure the color shade closely matches that of the adjacent natural teeth. 

Stained teeth

Teeth stains can result from poor oral hygiene or consuming too much sugar and other carbohydrates, or occur naturally over time. A dentist may recommend teeth whitening for minor stains. However, more severe stains that cannot be fixed by professional whitening may need more extensive treatment such as dental bonding. For such severe teeth stains, dental bonding can cover the stains and provide patients with a smile they find more attractive. 

Teeth grinding

Many people grind their teeth while they sleep without ever noticing it until there are oral health symptoms. While prevention is the recommended way to deal with teeth grinding, there are treatment options available if the issue leads to teeth damage. In some instances, particularly with individuals who only have mild symptoms of teeth grinding, the dentist may recommend dental bonding as a way to restore the appearance of the damaged teeth. However, more extensive treatment may be necessary for more severe concerns of teeth grinding. 

Our dental team can assist you with dental bonding

We believe every patient should have the opportunity to show off a beautiful smile that they are proud of each day. For many of our patients, dental bonding is a way to fix minor imperfections with their smiles. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about dental bonding to help with damaged teeth. 
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