Dental Implants Are a Secure Alternative to Dentures

Dental implants accomplish much more than dentures when it comes to replacing missing teeth. In the past few years, we have seen dental implants replace dentures that have deteriorated in quality or were starting to become loose. With all the new technology floating around in the dentistry world, dental implants have passed dentures in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Dental implants are basically artificial tooth roots that are similar in shape to screws. These screws are implanted within your jawbone where they bond with the actual bone itself. This allows them to become a sturdy base for supporting one or more artificial teeth.

Modern implants have been successfully implanted within patients for over thirty years and are the strongest devices available to support and strengthen replacement teeth. They are one of the safest and more reliable procedures in dentistry. They also allow the new teeth to feel, look and function naturally side by side the other natural teeth.


Dental implants are the only surgically-placed way to currently replace a patient’s missing teeth. They are also more durable and are an excellent alternative to removable dentures. As a result, implants have become increasingly popular with patients who have worn dentures and are looking to upgrade their teeth to something more permanent and durable. There will no longer be a need to remove your dentures on a nightly basis as the implants are always secured into your jawbone.


Dental implants are made of a durable material such as porcelain or ceramic. As a result of the high-quality material, dental implants have a 98 percent success rate. That means that almost all patients who undergo a dental implant leave with a highly functioning tooth without ever having to remove it. This makes having a juicy salad or biting into a delicious steak easily. No more feeling restricted by your dentures.

No more falling teeth

No more worrying about dentures falling out or becoming loose when participating in a highly active sport or singing in the shower. For anyone who has lived with dentures and faced insecurity, dental implants are a breath of fresh air. Living with dental implants means that you can get ready and start your routine without any additional pain or time. Put simply, it is like living with a full set of benefits.

Rundown of the process

The process of a dental implant is usually done within a few visits. The entire process may take several months to complete; each step only takes a few hours or less, however.

A physical and oral examination will be required as any bacteria or diseases may hinder the procedure process. Next, the mold of the patient’s teeth is made after some x-rays are taken. Usually, while the mold is being made, a temporary denture will be worn until the process is completed. After the process is complete, the individual will able to maintain a full and functional smile without having to worry about having their teeth loosen up or falling out. Not only that, but the implants will create the same look as their natural teeth.

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