Denture Repair: How Often Should You Reline Your Dentures?

Denture Repair: How Often Should You Reline Your Dentures?

Denture Repair: How Often Should You Reline Your Dentures?

Denture repair is usually necessary from time to time since dentures can break or get damaged. Over time, dentures may also not fit as well as they once did. For this reason, your dentist may recommend a denture reline. This procedure helps to refit the base of the denture. Read on to learn more about the procedure.

Denture repair

If dentures break, crack, or start to feel loose, people should never attempt to fix or adjust them on their own. Dental professionals are the only ones who should perform a denture repair. Relining dentures adds new material to the underside of the denture base to improve the fit. This procedure can also help to fix and replace lost or broken parts of the appliance. Dentures can be relined in the dental office. For some complicated repairs, the denture will be sent to a laboratory for repair.

Common denture problems

The teeth help to maintain the oral soft tissues and the bony architecture of the jaws. When teeth are lost due to trauma, decay, or periodontal disease, the bone and soft tissues often shift. Dentures can help reduce further changes to the oral tissue and bone. Over time, the gums that support the dental appliances may undergo more changes. This usually causes an improper fit.

There are many problems associated with ill-fitting dentures. These include irritation, tissue overgrowth, ulcers, and fungal infections. Dentures that fit unevenly also trap food as well as plaque. These problems usually make dentures uncomfortable and hard to use.

Dentures may also get worn out over time. Dentures are often made out of acrylic, hard plastic polymer, or porcelain. The appliance can wear due to natural wear and tear from bite force. Over time, pressure can lead to fractures or cracks. Improper care and cleaning can also cause many denture issues.

Dentures should never be placed in hot water, which can cause the materials to warp. Brushing can help to remove plaque and to prevent the development of permanent stains on the appliances. It is advisable to use a toothbrush with soft bristles that is specifically made for cleaning dentures. Using a hard-bristled brush is discouraged because it can damage or wear down dentures.

The frequency of denture replacement

There is no single way to determine how often the devices should be relined, remade, or rebased. This decision can only be made after a thorough assessment by a dental professional. Even for people who take proper care of their mouths and dentures, regular replacement is normal. In many cases, dentures can be used for several years before a replacement is necessary.

Visit your dentist

All denture wearers still need to see a dentist regularly. You should visit the dental office twice a year or as recommended. During a visit, the dentist will look for signs of oral diseases, including cancer. Your dentures and your mouth will also be examined to ensure proper denture fit. If denture repair is necessary, your dentist can provide this service in a short period of time.

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