Emergency Dentistry Tips for Wisdom Tooth Pain During the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak

Emergency Dentistry Tips for Wisdom Tooth Pain During the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak

Emergency Dentistry Tips for Wisdom Tooth Pain During the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak

Due to the level of discomfort that may stem from wisdom tooth pain, knowing emergency dentistry tips can be helpful as the lockdown for coronavirus disease outbreak continues. Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to erupt.

Wisdom teeth pain may stop without intervention, but sometimes, it may demand proactive home measures or dental treatment. Eventually, extracting the teeth is the most effective way to eliminate the issue. This article covers tips for handling the pain before a dental procedure is possible.

Emergency dentistry tips for wisdom teeth pain

The following are measures that patients can take to minimize or stop wisdom teeth pain before getting emergency dentistry care.

Pain relievers

Pain relievers are available over the counter to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by wisdom tooth troubles. The medication should be taken according to the instruction on the packet. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen are effective pain relievers.

Numbing gel

Numbing dental gels is a quick way to dull the pain, especially if other methods fail to work. The gels contain a percentage of benzocaine and are available over the counter. Before applying the gel, dry the area properly with a clean cloth to get optimal results. It is important to use the product according to instructions. In most situations, the gel has to be applied to the affected gum at specific times. Patients need to be sure they are not allergic to benzocaine before buying.

Saltwater rinse

Dissolve three teaspoons of salt inside a glass of water. Gargle on it for about two to three minutes before spitting it out. Saltwater works as a natural disinfectant and can reduce bacterial accumulation if the pain is a result of an infection. This can come in handy when other alternatives are not available. Rinse the mouth with the saltwater several times daily to relieve symptoms.

Clove or clove oil

Multiple studies have shown that cloves can be effective in reducing wisdom tooth pain. Clove and clove oil have numbing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Put a whole clove (without crushing or cutting it) on the affected tooth and close the teeth on it. Keep it in place until the pain reduces, then spit out. One can also apply clove oil to the painful area for quick relief. Simply drop some on a cotton ball, and place it over the affected tooth until the pain subsides.

Ice pack

Icing the jaw can relieve inflammation and pain. It also has numbing effects. Cover the ice pack with a towel and place it over the jaw for about 15 minutes. It can be taken off intermittently for 15 minutes until the pain stops.

In conclusion

If you start to experience wisdom tooth pain during the coronavirus disease outbreak, the emergency dentistry tips above will help you find relief. However, you need to remember that pain relievers are not permanent solutions. Contact the dentist to know if you need to have the teeth removed or left in place.

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