Full Denture Implants: What You Need to Know

Full Denture Implants: What You Need to Know

Full denture implants are used to replace missing teeth when the patient has lost most or all of their natural teeth. Undergoing the full denture implant has become more popular in recent years because they provide a more stable replacement for missing teeth than dentures, which are not very durable and move around the mouth, making it difficult for the patient to chew their food or speak properly.

What you need to know about full denture implants

Since dental implants are commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth, a lot of people assume that full denture implants will require an implant for each missing tooth, which is not the case. The implant procedure requires the fusion of titanium posts, which act as tooth roots, to the jaw, and an artificial tooth screwed on top of the titanium post to replace the missing natural tooth.

Trying to replace the 32 missing teeth in the mouth with 32 titanium posts is not possible because the patient’s jawbone will not be able to support all the implants. Instead, dentists use no more than eight implants, which serve as anchors when they want to replace all the missing teeth in the patient’s mouth.

What are the different types of full denture implants?

The most commonly used dental implant procedures for replacing all the missing teeth in the mouth include:

Fixed bridge dental implants

As the name suggests, this type of implant cannot be removed by the patient. Unlike regular dentures, which have pink acrylic and plastic teeth, fixed bridge dental implants are made from porcelain fused to metal. Depending on the thickness of the jawbone, the dentist will place anywhere between six to eight implants in each arch to hold the artificial teeth in place.

All-on 4 dental implants

This type of full denture implant uses four dental implants in each arch to hold all the artificial teeth in place. Unlike the fixed dental bridge, which uses standard vertical dental implants, the All-on 4 implants use tilted dental implants on the front teeth.

All-on 6 dental implants

This type of implant is similar to the All-on 4 implants. The main difference between the two is the fact that the dentist uses six implants on each arch to hold the artificial teeth in place.

How expensive are full denture implants?

The price of full denture implants varies depending on the type of procedure the dentist uses. However, treatment costs range from $20,000 to $35,000.

How long do full denture implants last?

Full denture implants are very durable and can last a lifetime if they are properly taken care of, which is why dentists tell patients to avoid chewing or biting hard foods to avoid damaging the artificial teeth.


Full denture implants are used to replace missing teeth when most or all of your natural teeth are gone. If you have missing teeth and have not made up your mind about how to replace them, talk to your dentist to find out more about full denture implants.

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