Full Mouth Reconstruction: Replacing and Rebuilding Your Teeth

Full Mouth Reconstruction: Replacing and Rebuilding Your Teeth

Full Mouth Reconstruction: Replacing and Rebuilding Your Teeth

Having missing or damaged teeth should never stop you from smiling or even eating! With the help of a full mouth reconstruction, your teeth can be replaced or rebuilt so that you can get back to showing off your smile and eating without hesitation. Full mouth reconstructions offer hope and help to people who need it!

In this article, we outline how a full mouth reconstruction can help rebuild or replace your teeth. It can be helpful to know what a full mouth reconstruction is and how having one can benefit and help you.

Full mouth reconstructions

What is it?

A full mouth reconstruction is exactly what it sounds like! A team of dentists, oral surgeons and possibly even periodontists will all work together to rebuild, replace and reconstruct a person’s mouth. Typically, the patient’s teeth are in bad shape or even missing when they have a full mouth reconstruction done. A number of different procedures may be involved in order to replace teeth or repair the ones that are severely damaged.

Rebuilding procedures

Procedures that involve rebuilding damaged teeth are done only for teeth that are salvageable. In some cases, a person has teeth that have begun to decay but are still able to be saved. It is up to the dentist to determine what teeth are able to be saved and which ones may not be worth attempting.

Some common rebuilding procedures involved in a full mouth reconstruction consist of the following:

Dental crowns: Multiple dental crowns may have to be placed over teeth that are severely cracked, chipped or decayed. A crown can completely cover the damages and allow for restoration.

Dental bridges: Another common way to rebuild teeth is through the use of dental bridges. These can attach to both existing teeth or artificial teeth that need to be placed to help in the support area.

Replacement procedures

Full mouth reconstructions often involve replacing missing teeth through the use of appliances or restorations. There are a variety of replacement options that one can consider when they have multiple missing teeth. Some of the most common include:

Dentures: Full or partial dentures can be used to replace missing teeth during a full mouth reconstruction.

Implants: Dental implants have grown to be a popular method of replacement within dentistry. If a person has multiple teeth missing, an implant method may benefit them.

Talk to a dentist today

Full mouth reconstructions involve a number of procedures depending on the severity of the damaged teeth or the number of missing teeth. However, with the help of a great dentist, you will be on the right track to showing off that smile again!

Find out more by reaching out to our office so that we can help you. Let our trained professionals talk you through the different procedures that are involved in full mouth reconstructions. Give us a call or stop by today!

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