Full Mouth Reconstruction With Implant Dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstruction With Implant Dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstruction With Implant Dentistry

It is nice to think your teeth are permanent, but sometimes they are not and you need a full mouth reconstruction. Your adult teeth can become worn down because of years of teeth-grinding and chewing. Normal dental work can also lead to your teeth becoming shorter and less useful. Cavities and pulled teeth can promote decay that needs fixing later on. If your mouth is full of worn down, mismatched, failing teeth or even missing teeth, you might be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

The facts behind full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is the process of rebuilding or replacing every tooth in a person’s mouth. This procedure combines aesthetics with restorative dentistry science to provide a person with better oral health. It also improves the function of the teeth and the natural appearance of a good-looking smile.

Who needs the reconstruction?

There are many people out there who suffer from a wide variety of dental problems. These need to be treated with an idea of what the final result will be. It should be something that not only improves the look of someone’s smile but the function as well. These patients can include people with a multitude of missing teeth, teeth with large fillings, cracked or broken teeth, worn down teeth or teeth that are failing due to excessive decay. There are plenty of people who are born with conditions that require extensive restorations. These, too, may require a full mouth reconstruction.

What are the first steps behind the reconstruction?

The first thing a dental team will do is form a proper diagnosis and come up with a new treatment plan. Modern digital radiography is helpful when coming up with a diagnosis. X-rays may show if there is an infection. Consultations with a periodontist can determine if there is gum disease. Once the gums and jawbone are checked, the dental team can create a new treatment plan that will replace all the missing teeth, remove any infections and decay, restore any teeth that can be saved and plan for a proper bite.

What comes next?

After coming up with a treatment plan to make a patient’s mouth normal once more, the dentist will begin the different procedures. This may include extractions, sinus lifts, bone grafts and oral surgery procedures.

What are the options for missing teeth?

If a patient is missing some or all of their teeth, the reconstruction may include implant surgery to replace the tooth roots with metal posts. The posts will bond to the bone, providing a base for new restorations to fit onto. Before the dentist places the restorations, the jawbone must be given time to heal, which can take up to six months. Then, an abutment must be placed. This is the piece that the new crown will eventually attach to. It takes an additional two weeks for the gums to heal before putting the artificial tooth in place.

Prepare for the full mouth reconstruction

Tired of having a mouth that looks anything but natural? Ready for a new smile that you can be proud of showing off? It is time to think about having the reconstruction done. Start with a good diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment plan and then finally the reconstruction itself. Implants can make all the difference when you flash somebody a grin.

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