Getting Implants With Crowns the Same Day Dentistry

Getting Implants With Crowns the Same Day Dentistry

Getting Implants With Crowns the Same Day Dentistry

Same day dentistry implants are attracting more people. This way of getting a new set of teeth is convenient and quick. Decades ago, tooth extraction and getting dental implants seemed impossible. Now, anyone can get same day dentistry implants. If you want to find out more about getting these dental implants, here are the details.

The process of getting same day dentistry implants

Traditional dental implant surgery can take months to complete. After tooth extraction, the patient must heal for about two to four months before the titanium rods go in. Then, after the dentist implants the rods, these implants must osseointegrate first. After three to six months, the dentist will place the dental crowns. In some cases, patients need to go through more treatments like bone grafting. This makes the procedure even longer.
Same day dentistry offers a dental extraction and dental implants in one dental visit. The dentist implants the titanium rods right away after the dental extraction. It takes about 30 minutes to place one dental implant. Extracting teeth and implanting several rods take about two to three hours. The patient then gets temporary crowns to cover the implants. These acrylic crowns will stay on until the permanent dental crowns are ready.

The candidates

Ideal candidates of same day dentistry dental implants can get these implants right away. These patients must be in good health and free from serious health conditions. If the patient has low bone density, then the patient must have a bone graft first. The dentist must also address any degree of periodontitis.
People who need same day dentistry implants rely on public appearances and interactions. These individuals need to have dental restorations in a day. This enables them to go back to work and daily routines in no time. Those who have healthy dental habits are good candidates as well. Good bone and gum health can provide good support for dental implants.
Same day dentistry implants are not for patients who clench jaws or grind teeth. The dentist will recommend getting traditional dental implants instead. Those who do not want to wear dentures anymore are strong candidates for these implants as well. Wearing dentures often causes embarrassment and discomfort. Same day dentistry implants will remove these negative sensations.
Individuals with poor oral hygiene are also ideal candidates for these dental implants. Same day dentistry will remove the discomfort from chronic toothaches and other dental issues. The dentist will remove any infected or damaged teeth. Then, the titanium rods will go in. The patient will be free of decay and infection once the implant procedure is complete.

Get same day dentistry implants and regain your oral health

Cavities, toothaches, and infection come from a person's lack of dental care. Same day dentistry dental implants can help you regain your dental health. Making an appointment with your dentist today is a good first step. Doing so will say if you are a good candidate for getting same day dentistry dental implants.
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