How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Gums

How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Gums

How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Gums

Abnormal gums can make even the healthiest, whitest set of teeth look strange — this is where a cosmetic dentist can help. There are many ways that the gums can take away from a smile. They can be too large or too small. Interdental gum tissue can cause tooth gaps and uneven gums can create an uneven smile.
Luckily, a cosmetic dentist can fix the gums and give their patients a perfect smile made of teeth framed by shapely gums. Here are some of the procedures cosmetic dentists can perform to improve the look of your gums.
Fix receding gums
The gums recede because of several reasons. Aging sometimes causes the gums to recede. Plaque buildup or gum disease can also cause the gums to peel away from the teeth.
A cosmetic dentist will use different dental procedures to repair different kinds of gum recession. For example:
  • If a person has mild gum disease, a cosmetic dentist will treat the receding gums by doing a tooth cleaning which includes scaling and root planing
  • The cleaning will remove the root cause of the gum recession. It will also stimulate the growth and regeneration of the gums
  • For a patient with advanced gum disease, the dentist will perform open flap scaling and root planing, which will also stimulate the regeneration of the gum tissue
  • If the receding gums are a result of bone loss, the dentist will conduct a tissue graft to increase the amount of gum tissue
  • By correcting receding gums, a cosmetic dentist reduces the length of their patient’s teeth, which makes the person look younger. Also, when a dentist treats gum disease, they reverse the gapping that occurs as a result of periodontitis.

Fix a "gummy" smile
Some people have smiles that are more gum than teeth, but a cosmetic dentist can improve such smiles. A "gummy" smile can happen when some teeth fail to erupt completely so that part of the tooth remains covered by the gums. Gummy smiles can also be an inherited trait.
However they happen, a cosmetic dentist will repair gummy by performing a gum contouring procedure. They can perform a gum contouring procedure known as a gum lift to by removing a small portion of the gums. This procedure exposes more of the teeth to correct a gummy smile.
Gum contouring also corrects uneven gums
Some people have gums that are longer in some places and shorter in others. Cosmetic dentists use gum reshaping or contouring to give their patient an even gum line.
Correct gaps by removing overgrown interdental gum tissue
There is a small conical piece of gum tissue between each pair of adjacent teeth. Sometimes, this interdental tissue grows so much that it creates a gap between the teeth. A cosmetic dentist can remove the excess tissue and in some cases, use orthodontics to close the gap.

The bottom line

If your gums are not looking as healthy and attractive as you would like them to, speak to one of our dental health professionals today.
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