How a Dentist Can Save a Decayed Tooth

How a Dentist Can Save a Decayed Tooth

How a Dentist Can Save a Decayed Tooth

A tooth that has begun to have tooth decay is nothing that a dentist cannot help to remedy and repair. However, it can depend on how much of the decay has progressed, this will help with what treatment option the dentist will choose. We will look at how a dentist can help with tooth decay, and how exactly tooth decay works.

What is tooth decay?

Although people hear the words, they may not know exactly what it means. Tooth decay is simply when a sticky plaque begins forming on the tooth. As a person eats different sugary foods, these sugars stick to the plaque and will slowly begin eroding and eating away at the enamel

If the decay is caught before the erosion gets to the dentin layer, no filling will be required. However, if the tooth decay does make it to the dentin level of the tooth, it will be required that the decay is removed. After the removal, a filling will be used to fix and make the tooth like new.

What if the decay has not reached the dentin?

For people that are good at going to their twice per year checkups and cleanings, this is typically the case. There may be a build-up of plaque, but it has not reached the dentin level. In this case, the dentist will do a thorough cleaning.

After the cleaning, a patients dentist may recommend using certain types of products that can help fight the plaque. Using these products can help and will eradicate the plaque and decay. This will also most likely mean that the patient will not need a filling.

What if the decay has reached the dentin?

If the tooth decay has progressed enough and the dentist can see that it has reached the dentin, all hope is not lost! Although it is not possible to remove the decay after reaching that level without another step, the second step is nothing out of the ordinary for any dentist.

The dentist will need to remove all of the decay and plaque and then install a simple dental filling. After the filling is completed, the patient will not need to worry about the decay in that specific area. However, it is always good to keep a good oral hygiene routine to ensure no other trouble spots pop up.

For people who keep a good daily oral hygiene regimen and go to their dentist twice per year for check-ups and cleanings, their chances of having tooth decay progress to the level of needing a filling are highly reduced. Giving the dentist the opportunity to inspect and see any trouble spots ahead of time is the key!

Is there anything else I can do?

Saving a tooth with decay is very easy for a dentist to do. If you think that you may have an issue that has popped up due to sensitivity, schedule an appointment and let a dentist have a quick look. Catching issues like these early are the key to not requiring any crazy additional procedures in the future.

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