How Do Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth?

How Do Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth?

How Do Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth?

Many who first hear about clear aligners are fascinated by the idea of achieving a better, straighter smile without having to broadcast it to the world that they are doing so. However, all too many avoid getting the treatment out of fear that aligners may not work or simply not understanding how the process works.

How clear aligners work

By fully understanding how clear aligners work and the process involved, patients can make a confident decision as to whether or not the treatment is right for them. The following is everything patients need to know about clear aligners, including what they are, how the process works and what separates them from other teeth straightening options.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are plastic devices that are designed to straighten misaligned teeth. They are worn over natural teeth in a similar fashion as a mouthguard. One of the most appealing parts about clear aligners for many patients is the fact that they are transparent and essentially invisible to others while they are worn.

In addition, each clear aligner is custom made to fit the exact teeth of the individual that is wearing them. The treatment process takes between six to twelve months in most cases, but the exact length of time is dependent on a variety of factors, including how often the aligners are worn.

The process behind clear aligners

While each patient is different, and the exact procedure a cosmetic dentist will implement is based on the exact needs of the individual patient, there is a standard procedure that most cosmetic dentists follow with clear aligners, which includes:

  • An oral examination and recommendation
  • Taking the impression for the clear aligners
  • Wearing the clear aligners

Follow-up care after the straightening

The first step in the process is to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist, who can assess the status of your teeth and determine if clear aligners are the best option. After both the patient and the dentist agree to treatment, the process to customize the aligners begins. Once they are delivered to the cosmetic dentist, the patient can begin wearing them.

What makes clear aligners unique?

Clear aligners are much different than other teeth straightening options out there and offer many benefits that methods such as braces cannot. The biggest and most notable benefit is that they give patients the ability to straighten their teeth in a discrete manner, considering that the aligners are essentially invisible.

In addition, clear aligners do not limit your diet, which cannot be said for braces. Since clear aligners are to be removed while eating, you can continue to eat tough foods without worrying about damaging them. In many instances, clear aligners are a much quicker treatment option than braces, with the average patient needing to wear them for around 12 months.

Everyone deserves a smile they feel comfortable showing off around others, and clear aligners can help patients gain more confidence while at work or in social situations. To learn more, contact our cosmetic dentist office today and schedule a time to come in for an initial consultation.

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