How to Care for Your Partial Denture

How to Care for Your Partial Denture

How to Care for Your Partial Denture

A removable partial denture consists of replacement teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base. The appliance can replace one or more teeth and may be used on either the upper or lower jaw. Partials are one of the most commonly requested treatments for missing teeth because they are less expensive than other solutions.

Partial denture benefits

A partial denture is custom-made and attached to the healthy teeth surrounding the gap. In addition to restoring comfort and improving the smile's appearance, there are many oral health benefits associated with treatment.

Reduces risk of decay

A gap created by a missing tooth can cause the teeth to shift and allow for bacteria to grow in newly created pockets. Partial dentures help prevent the drifting of teeth and reduce plaque buildup. This decreases the chances of tooth decay and reduces the likelihood of a patient developing gum disease.

Reduce movement

When a tooth is missing, it can affect the entire balance of the bite and lead to strain on the jaw. A partial denture can help prevent the development of jaw disorders by maintaining the correct alignment of the bite during chewing and talking.

Less invasive option

The procedure for fitting a partial denture typically requires fewer appointments than implants. It is also easier for the dentist to manipulate the denture if the fit requires alteration. 

Partial denture care

A patient with partial dentures requires dental visits every six months so the dentist can evaluate gum health and jaw bone density. These appointments also are used to assess the fit of the denture to determine if any adjustments are required.

Partial dentures need to be removed each night to allow oxygen to reach the gum tissues. This helps prevent oral infections and encourages blood flow to the gums and teeth. Nighttime removal also helps prevent irritation and discomfort.

Daily cleaning 

Partial dentures are commonly made of acrylic resin that may become brittle if not kept in a denture solution or water when not in use. To keep dentures in good condition and odor-free, it is essential to clean them carefully and keep the following tips in mind:

  • During cleanings, place a soft cloth in the sink to provide a cushion in case of a fall
  • Rinse under warm water after meals to remove food debris
  • Brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush using a nonabrasive denture cleanser
  • Remove stains by soaking the dentures in water with a cleaning tablet
  • Always rinse dentures thoroughly before re-inserting them into the mouth

Other care considerations

Partial dentures should not be cleaned in boiling or excessively hot water because it can warp the acrylic base and lead to an improper fit. Toothpaste should not be used to clean dentures because it can be too abrasive and may leave scratches.


A partial denture is an excellent remedy for replacing a missing tooth. A dentist can use the appliance to fill the gap left behind, improve oral health and restore your smile.

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