Is a Loose Crown ever a Dental Emergency?

Is a Loose Crown ever a Dental Emergency?

Is a Loose Crown ever a Dental Emergency?

Having a dental emergency is nothing to scoff at. Untreated, the most serious oral health problems can lead to severe conditions that can affect your overall wellness. Many issues constitute an emergency, so it is important to understand when you should go to the dentist’s office for help. There can be times when difficulties with a crown can require urgent attention as well.

What an emergency dentistry office does

For routine checkups, treatments, and moderate issues, a patient should see a general dentist. However, when the condition is serious and a dental emergency, immediate help is necessary. An emergency dentist can accommodate a patient’s needs right away without an appointment. These offices have personnel with the training and knowledge to handle the most problematic issues. They focus on performing oral surgery and relieving extreme discomfort. An emergency dentist provides round-the-clock care for patients of all ages.

How crowns become loose

Patients who experience a loose crown should get dental attention right away. A crown can become loose from the person eating something sticky and pulling it out of place. Trauma to the crown from a fall or hard blow to the face can also loosen it. The dental cement can also wear out over time, causing the crown to come loose. In other cases, it may start to pull away from the tooth if there is decay.

Why and when it is a dental emergency

A loose crown can be a significant concern for a patient when the person experiences intense pain. This indicates that there is an infection or profound decay in the tooth the crown is protecting. Without immediate treatment, an infection can spread into other parts of the mouth and throughout the body. The pain can also be debilitating. A loose crown can also be uncomfortable and interfere with the patient’s ability to perform routine, everyday tasks.

What the dentist will do

In a dental emergency, the patient should call an emergency dentist without delay. Some offices allow walk-ins. The dentist will assess the crown to see if it can be reattached or whether a new one is necessary. The dentist will also examine the tooth and remove any decay. The dentist may have to reshape the tooth so that a new crown fits properly.

Keeping crowns intact

A dental crown will usually last seven to 10 years, so the dentist will need to replace it eventually. There are things a patient can do to lengthen the life span of a crown and to avoid a dental emergency. Staying away from sticky, chewy, hard foods will help. The person should also be diligent about brushing and flossing regularly and properly. Visiting the dentist at least twice a year will also ensure that small problems do not become larger.

Get the right help for loose crowns

It can be stressful to have a loose crown. The pain can be difficult to bear as well. If you notice that a crown is loose or broken, talk to a dentist about replacing or repairing it. This is a dental emergency that you do not want to ignore.

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