Is Invisalign the Right Teeth Straightening Option for Me?

Is Invisalign the Right Teeth Straightening Option for Me?

Is Invisalign the Right Teeth Straightening Option for Me?

Have you been thinking about Invisalign® treatment to fix your crooked teeth? It is one of the multiple options you can consider to improve your smile. These clear aligners make a lot of sense for many patients. There are advantages this method offers that others cannot match. Your dentist can help you decide if you are a good candidate for aligners. As you learn more about them, you will see if these are the right approach to straightening your teeth.

What Invisalign is and does

These clear aligners are made of plastic and look much like a mouthguard a person would wear at night to prevent teeth grinding. The aligners are virtually invisible, so it is difficult for others to detect when someone is wearing them. The appliance fits snugly over the teeth and puts pressure on them continuously. Over time, the teeth move into the right places in the mouth. The appliance can straighten teeth, fix minor bite issues, and close small gaps in the mouth.

Less time in the mouth

Some people shy away from certain teeth-straightening methods because the treatment takes so long. With Invisalign, most patients will wear the aligners for no longer than two years. Some people see results in as few as six months to a year. Also, the patient does not need to wear the aligners continuously. They are removable, and the patient can take them out for two or three hours a day. The person wearing aligners should remove them while eating.

More comfortable

Another way for the patient to know whether Invisalign is the right option is to consider how the aligners feel. This appliance is more comfortable than other options because it does not have wires and bulky metal brackets. The plastic material will not rub sores on the gums, tongue, and cheeks. It only takes a few days or weeks for the person to get used to wearing the aligners.

Standing out less

Having crooked teeth can hamper the quality of a smile. But some treatments can also make a person feel self-conscious about their appearance. Invisalign does not do this. These aligners are difficult for other people to detect, as they blend in well. Plus, the person can take them out if necessary and when it is most convenient.

The teeth are not severely crooked

Invisalign is not the right approach for significantly misaligned teeth. But people who have moderate or mild cases can see good results from aligners. Also, people who do not have bridgework or crowns can benefit from clear aligners. The dentist will consult with the patient to decide which option makes the most sense.

On your way to a new smile

If you have been hiding your smile because you have crooked teeth, now is the time to do something about it. With Invisalign clear aligners, you can have straighter teeth and a more attractive appearance. Make an appointment today. You can find out whether you are a good candidate to get started and improve the way your teeth look.

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