Is It Better To Have an Orthodontist Apply Invisalign Aligners Than a General Dentist?

Is It Better To Have an Orthodontist Apply Invisalign Aligners Than a General Dentist?

Is It Better To Have an Orthodontist Apply Invisalign Aligners Than a General Dentist?

Over the past few decades, Invisalign® has quickly become a favorite method to align teeth around the world. People who seek not only to gain more attractive smiles, but also better oral health have found the success they sought through the brand. However, many people still struggle with knowing who to consult in the search for straighter teeth. The truth is, dentists are often not only capable of applying clear aligners, but sometimes they are also the better choice.

Discuss tooth alignment goals with a dentist first

There are so many reasons to choose a dentist when it comes to having Invisalign® aligners applied to the teeth.

The dentist knows the dental history of the patient

By looking at tooth alignment as a facet of the dental world, rather than just an outlying cosmetic procedure, people can better understand the need to consult with a dentist for the tooth alignment process. Though tooth alignment can create a straight smile that looks great, it is also important to the patient's health because crooked teeth with irregular gaps are often harder to clean than straight teeth. When teeth are harder to clean, periodontal disease can spread more easily. Dentists with training in Invisalign® application should know not only how to correctly align the teeth to minimize the spread of gum disease, but also how to identify the signs of the disease in patients. Additionally, if a patient has a history of poor oral health, it is a good idea for tooth alignment to happen in the hands of a doctor with hands-on experience for that patient.

The dentist knows what the correct bite should be

In addition to straightening the teeth, aligners are designed to adjust the teeth so the patient has a better bite shape. Incorrect bites can come in the form of an overbite, underbite or crossbite; all of these can lead to pain in the teeth and jaws. Through education and experience, dentists learn the signs of incorrect bites. This provides the dentists with the skill to identify and correct the bites of patients through aligners, with the goal of providing patients with a more comfortable future.

The dentist knows how to apply the aligners

The Invisalign® system was originally developed for the use of dentists. Once trained, the system is meant to be simpler to apply and adjust than traditional metal braces, so dentists can more easily take care of patients without needing to refer patients to a specialist. Advances in aligner designs have made the system even easier for dentists to customize to the unique needs of individual patients. Therefore, it makes sense to visit a dentist for Invisalign® consultations and application.


Invisalign® aligners are now beloved around the world for the simplicity and ease with which patients can get a straight and healthy smile. Though many people mistakenly believe that their dentist cannot install these devices, most dentists are well-versed in applying these popular aligners that can give patients an attractive smile.

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