Is Laser Dentistry Completely Safe For My Teeth?

Is Laser Dentistry Completely Safe For My Teeth?

Is Laser Dentistry Completely Safe For My Teeth?

Laser Dentistry was introduced to the dental field in the early 1990s. Since then the technology has continued to advance and is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that the field of dentistry is completed. By using lasers, it gives the opportunity for a dentist to spot trouble issues sooner, as well as cause less anxiety for patients that may have a fear of the dentist.

Of course, with new technology, the question of safety comes up. A comment question we have in our office is regarding the safety of using lasers on teeth. Studies have continued to show that not only is it safe for teeth but is even healthier than the older ways of scraping and using different tools to clean a patient's teeth.

Laser dentistry is safe, but is it useful?

With safety not being a concern, another question that people commonly have is it Laser Dentistry is as effective as the old general way of using metal tools to clean teeth. Although the old way is effective, the laser technology that has now been introduced is not only more effective but gives the dentist the opportunity to spot trouble issues faster than ever. By having this aspect, it is allowing dentists the chance to keep their patient's teeth healthier than ever.

How laser dentistry can help other aspects of teeth

There are other positive aspects to laser dentistry that are in the best interests of the patient. This includes treating and detecting cavities, treating tooth sensitivity, and helping them to spot issues before they would typically be able to with conventional methods.

Depending on what issues someone is facing, from cavities to having “a gummy smile.” Laser Dentistry can help in all of these aspects. The technology can treat and help in many areas that would typically take dentists a couple of visits to fix or get to a good spot for the patient. However, with the advancement of technology, laser dentistry can fix these issues in a single visit.

What lasers are used?

One of the most common questions regarding laser dentistry is the types of lasers that are used. There are two types, soft and hard tissue lasers. It will depend on the treatment of which laser is used.

Hard tissue layers can penetrate and cut through the tooth structure. It is absorbed into the teeth and can shape the teeth before bonding and other dental procedures.

Soft tissue lasers, on the other hand, are less reliable but can help with gum disease as well as killing bacteria which aids in preventing cavities. This laser is the one that would be used for any cleaning abilities that the laser can provide in Laser Dentistry.

More laser dentistry questions?

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