Is Teeth Whitening Effective With Braces?

Is Teeth Whitening Effective With Braces?

Is Teeth Whitening Effective With Braces?

Everyone knows that braces are for teeth straightening, but is it possible to get teeth whitening with braces? Braces generally make oral hygiene more difficult than usual, and the aftermath of treatment sometimes leaves the teeth stained and discolored. However, maintaining excellent oral hygiene and visiting the dental clinic regularly can help minimize discoloration.

Is whitening teeth with braces a good idea?

If the patient notices stains on their teeth while wearing braces, it is usually advisable to wait until after the orthodontic treatment before undergoing teeth whitening. Braces can make the teeth sore due to teeth movement, and one of the potential side effects is teeth sensitivity, which means combining the two processes may cause significant pain.

Whitening the teeth with braces can also create stain patches on the teeth since the brackets will inhibit the whitening gel from reaching every part of the tooth. This means another treatment will be necessary after orthodontic treatment to bleach the stain spots. If the braces are lingual and connected to the back of the teeth, then this will not be a problem.

For patients with clear aligner braces that are not fixed on the teeth, they may be able to whiten their teeth as the treatment ends. This is achievable by putting the whitening gel in the aligners. Whatever the individual's case is, it is better to seek professional advice before proceeding with this treatment.

Whitening the teeth with braces

Different methods of teeth whitening and bleaching options are available for those who are not bothered by the sensitivity or spots. Some options help remove superficial stains and accumulation, while others can reach into the enamel to whiten the teeth.

A safe option would be to use a whitening toothpaste. When used during orthodontic treatment, it is less likely to cause spots on the teeth when the braces finally come off. They also reduce the risk of teeth sensitivity and pain.

Patients who need a more intense whitening treatment will need to ask their dentist for professional help. At-home whitening gel comes with pens and trays that are usually not created for braces brackets, meaning that the patient will need to obtain special trays from the dentist to ensure thorough whitening and prevent damages to the braces. Using the whitening trays may cause pain and sensitivity, which means it would be better to wait.

The dentist may perform an in-office procedure to whiten the enamel. Additional follow-up will be required to bleach the spots left by the braces once they come off. It is better to consult the dentist or orthodontist before applying whitening gel on the teeth because some whitening products can harm the brackets.

Final note

Usually, the most effective method of keeping the teeth white with braces is to maintain a high level of cleanliness and oral hygiene. Ensure you clean the teeth thoroughly:– under the wires, around brackets and between the teeth. Get a whitening toothpaste, and if that is not enough, visit the dentist for professional teeth whitening after the braces come off.

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