Longevity and Durability of Mini Dental Implants to Support Dentures

Longevity and Durability of Mini Dental Implants to Support Dentures

Longevity and Durability of Mini Dental Implants to Support Dentures

Find out if you make a good candidate for a mini dental implant and enjoy all the benefits it provides. While this particular option may not work for everyone, it does for a lot of people. As you will discover, there are different reasons why a mini dental implant is recommended by a dental professional. See if this is something that you qualify for.

What is a mini dental implant?

In simple terms, a mini dental implant is similar to a traditional implant with the exception that it is much smaller. In fact, compared to the standard type, this is roughly half the size. In this case, a dentist inserts a titanium screw into the jawbone. Unlike conventional implants, the mini solution does not require an abutment. As a result, the process is much faster.

For someone to get a mini dental implant, once the screw is in place, the dentist attaches the replacement tooth. Often, they can do this in one visit as opposed to several. This type of implant is extremely strong and durable. Not only that, but the new tooth also looks and feels completely natural.

Why do dentists suggest mini-implants?

There are two primary reasons a dentist recommends a mini dental implant. The first is that the patient does not have adequate jawbone to support the titanium screws used for a traditional set. The second is that the mini version serves as an anchor for dentures. That means it gives them more support, which prevents slippage and provides a better fit.

A lot of people still go with dentures to replace missing teeth. Along with a tooth color that matches the patient’s natural teeth, dentures have a realistic gum-colored base. As a result, it is often difficult to tell a denture wearer apart from someone who does not wear them. For those who do, the primary complaint has to do with slippage.

Especially when someone wearing dentures eats, laughs, yawns and even sneezes, there is a risk. The dentures could become loose or fall out. Once in place, a mini dental implant will last 20 years, sometimes longer. With the post made of titanium and the replacement tooth of porcelain, the implant is incredibly durable.

Where are implants placed?

Often, dentists use a mini dental implant for the lower teeth as a way of stabilizing a person’s dentures. Again, this is much smaller than traditional implants. Therefore, they are difficult to see, and there is no interference with the normal function of the dentures. The mini version also has a different design. Instead of the dentist attaching the tooth onto the screw, a mini dental implant has a ball on the exposed end. That combined with a secured O-ring is what keeps dentures in place.

An incredible choice

If you currently wear dentures or plan to get them, talk to your dentist about a mini dental implant. You will feel great and look fantastic. This low-invasive procedure yields remarkable results. With a small implant, there is a good chance your dentist can stabilize your dentures on the same day.

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