Signs That an Implant Restoration May Be Necessary

Signs That an Implant Restoration May Be Necessary

Signs That an Implant Restoration May Be Necessary

An implant restoration can be an effective way to replace missing teeth. This is often a treatment that a dentist will recommend when a patient has embarrassing gaps in the mouth. Implants can improve your smile and restore the full function of your mouth. This option is not right for everyone, so if you are searching for a tooth-replacement procedure, talk to your dentist. You can find out whether this would be the right approach for your needs.

How implant restoration works

Getting dental implants requires multiple visits to the dentist’s office and at least two surgeries. Implants consist of a titanium post and a smaller piece called an abutment. A natural-looking crown goes on the end of the abutment, while the post acts as the root or anchor. Implants are durable and provide a strong bite force.

The dentist will first drive the screw-like post into the jaw. This invasive procedure requires time for the post and bone to fuse and for the patient to heal. After a few months, the patient returns so that the dentist can reopen the gums and place the abutment. The patient takes a few more months to heal and then comes back to the office. At this point, the dentist places the crown.

The person has one or more missing teeth

Tooth loss can have a few different effects. It can hamper a person’s smile and even cause the individual to lose self-esteem and have a negative self-image. Missing teeth can also make the person prone to developing infections. Plus, any remaining teeth can start to drift and become loose. More tooth loss and even bone loss is possible. Doing an implant restoration can prevent this from happening and revives the person’s smile.

Teeth are severely decayed

Dentists can treat cavities with fillings. When it comes to larger cavities, a root canal can make the tooth whole once again. But where the decay is widespread, the tooth may not be salvageable. The dentist might have to extract it. To replace these teeth, implant restoration may be the right answer.

The patient has loose teeth

When a child has a loose baby tooth, it is a celebration. When a permanent tooth is loose, it is cause for serious concern. Teeth can become loose due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injuries. It may make sense for the dentist to extract a loose tooth and replace it with an implant restoration.

Other methods have not been successful

Dental implants are not the only possible solution for replacing missing teeth. But implants last longer than other options. Many patients prefer this method and have positive results. People who have not enjoyed other types of treatments might want to consider implant restoration.

A good way to restore your smile

You may be curious about implant restoration and how it works. You may wonder what the benefits are and whether it is right for you. You can see that there are times when this treatment makes a lot of sense. It can benefit the way you feel and look.

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