Teeth Whitening in Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening in Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry uses teeth whitening treatments to restore teeth to their original brightness, and they can even make them whiter than they have ever been. Teeth whitening treatments use bleaching agents like hydrogen carbamide and hydrogen peroxide to remove stains and discoloration from teeth surfaces. It is an effective approach to improving the color of teeth, and a single whitening treatment can improve the color of teeth by up to eight shades.

Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most common procedures performed in cosmetic dentistry as it is normal for teeth to pick up stains and discoloration as a person ages. Teeth also become discolored as a result of the things we consume like coffee, red wine and pasta source. Habits like using tobacco products can also leave teeth discolored.

How teeth whitening treatments are used in cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening treatments work on most types of stains like the ones discussed above, but they do not eliminate stains caused by taking tetracycline antibiotics, tooth decay or overexposure to fluoride.

Teeth whitening treatments often start with a consultation with a dentist. During this meeting, the dentist will evaluate the patient's teeth to determine whether whitening treatments will be effective on them. The dentist will also evaluate the health of the patient's teeth and gums to determine whether they are healthy enough for teeth whitening. The process weakens enamel and it can cause permanent damage to teeth that are already weakened. Dentists will typically address gum disease and tooth decay before proceeding with whitening.

Once the patient has been cleared, the dentist will take an impression of their mouth and send it to a lab where a customized whitening tray is made. This tray is used to evenly apply the whitening product during whitening sessions.

The bleaching product is spread on the mouth tray and the patient bites down on it and keeps it in place for up to an hour. Some dentists use lasers to speed up the process, shortening treatment times. The patient's teeth should be noticeably whiter after each whitening session. Most patients need multiple treatments to reach the desired shade of white.

At-home whitening

Dentists also provide whitening kits patients can use from the comfort of their homes. These kits come with bleaching agents that are not as powerful as those used for in-office whitening, but they will eventually reach the same goal over a longer period. At-home whitening kits are a great way to maintain the results of whitening treatments.

The importance of maintenance whitening treatments

Getting teeth pearly white does not mean they will stay that way forever. Teeth are always bombarded with things that can stain them, like foods and beverages, so new stains and discoloration are bound to develop on them. Maintenance treatments can be used to remove new stains before they take away from the appearance of teeth.

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