The Top 5 Advantages of Clear Aligner

The Top 5 Advantages of Clear Aligner

The Top 5 Advantages of Clear Aligner

Clear aligners allow individuals with misaligned teeth to gain a straighter, more beautiful smile quickly. By understanding the numerous advantages clear aligners have over other teeth straightening options, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not they are the best form of treatment for you.

Benefits of clear aligners

While some of the benefits of clear aligners are obvious - such as gaining straighter teeth - there may be some advantages to choosing clear aligners that most patients are not aware of. The following are five of the more prominent advantages of clear aligners.

Invisible treatment

What separates clear aligners from most other forms of teeth straightening - including traditional metal braces - is the ability for patients to straighten their teeth without making it blatantly obvious that they are doing so. Clear aligners are essentially invisible while they are being worn, and no one is likely to even notice that they are being worn while out in public, which makes them perfect for adults who are insecure about the way traditional braces may look.

No diet restrictions

Another major benefit to choosing clear aligners is that there are not any additional diet restrictions while wearing them. Since clear aligners can be removed easily when it is time to eat, patients do not have to worry about getting food stuck in them or damaging them while chewing hard foods. With that said, it may be helpful to avoid harmful foods and drinks to maintain healthy enamel and a stain-free smile while wearing clear aligners.

Less expensive option

While most with misaligned teeth understand the effectiveness of clear aligners, all too many avoid getting them out of fear that they are simply too expensive. However, clear aligners are often much more affordable than the patient expects. When compared to other forms of teeth straightening, clear aligners are less expensive in many cases. Talk with a cosmetic dentist to learn more about the full cost of clear aligners.

Fast treatment

Effective results from treatment with clear aligners can be noticed in as little as six months, and the entire treatment usually does not last for more than a year’s time. While each patient is different and the exact length of treatment is dependent on a number of different factors, clear aligners are usually a much faster solution than other teeth straightening options. To ensure clear aligners do not need to be worn for more time than what is necessary, patients should wear them as much as possible.

Better smile

The most notable benefit of all is that clear aligners allows patients to gain a more attractive smile. The days of living with misaligned teeth are over, and everyone deserves a smile that they can truly be proud to show off while in public. If you are interested in learning more about clear aligners, contact our cosmetic dentistry office today and schedule a time to come in for a visit and find out if they are right for you.

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