We Are the Best Dentist in Walnut Creek For Replacing Missing Teeth

We Are the Best Dentist in Walnut Creek For Replacing Missing Teeth

We Are the Best Dentist in Walnut Creek For Replacing Missing Teeth

We are the best dentist in Walnut Creek for replacing missing teeth using dentures, implants or dental bridges. Dentures are not something many people think about. In fact, most people never consider tooth loss a possible problem, even as they get older. The fact that tooth loss is so prevalent and that people are wearing prosthetics in greater numbers than ever before seems to have little effect on this kind of thinking. When surveyed, 60 percent of people had never even thought about tooth loss or what steps they would need to take to replace missing teeth. An even greater number stated that they associated dentures with older folks and never with themselves. Unfortunately, the statistics do not back up the optimistic attitude.

The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry recently released projections in which it found that by the year 2020, the number of people that will be wearing a full set of dentures will be around 37.9 million. Less than 25 years ago, that number was only 33.6 million people, so we are seeing a slow but sizable increase in the number of people that require a full set of dentures. Keep in mind that the data did not examine partial dentures, implants or bridges. To put this in a little more perspective, in the demographic of women 40 years of age or older, 19 percent are currently wearing some kind of denture.

If you need dentures, there are plenty of people who can give you advice, none so qualified as us - restoration specialists. Before we even get to the point of discussing what kinds of dentures you need or other replacement solutions, we want to make sure you understand that there are two different reasons why you may lose your teeth. One you can control to a degree. The other is part of your DNA and, as such, you have very little say in the matter. Gum disease is the first reason people lose their teeth and need dentures. Gum disease gives you ample opportunity to visit our dentist office, however, once that window closes there is a very good chance the disease can permanently damage your teeth, gums, and mouth. Fortunately, we are the best dentist in preventing and treating gum disease.

Two types of people tend to be better at avoiding gum disease. First are the people who make it a habit of seeing the dentist at least twice per year, which is about 53 percent of the population. The other is people who brush their teeth twice per day, 69 percent. Everyone else is at risk for gum diseases and should consider being on the other side of the statistics. The other reason people lose teeth is old age and genes. In either case, dentures can restore your mouth and give you back the use of your teeth.


Over 70 percent of all Americans will experience gum bleeding in their lifetime. Most of the time, this condition is harmless and will pass as quickly as it comes on. However, if it continues or returns frequently, it could be a symptom of gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis is one of those conditions that can cause you to lose your teeth and so you should visit our dentist office immediately. We are the best dentist in preventing tooth loss and treating it, so regardless of your situation, we can help.

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