What Are Same Day Crowns?

What Are Same Day Crowns?

What Are Same Day Crowns?

Wondering what the difference is between same day crowns and traditional dental crowns? The main difference is that one can be completed on the same day a patient goes in for treatment and the other one requires a patient to make two different dental appointments. Ready to learn more?

About same day crowns

Thinking same day crowns are right for you? When you choose this crown option, you can get the crowns you need in a quick and efficient manner. Dental crowns are one of the more common types of restorative treatments performed today, as crowns are used to protect weak teeth from being lost forever. Crowns are custom-made for every patient for a comfortable fit and once they are made, they are permanently cemented over a damaged tooth in order to make it strong once again.

The following are some of the reasons to consider same day dental crowns.

They're convenient

Same day dental crowns not only require patients to make one dental appointment, and they can also expect to receive their new dental crown within one to two hours. This makes this a great option for those who have busy work schedules, as many people will simply avoid taking care of any dental problems because they feel they do not have the time to go to the dentist.

They're made using ceramic materials

Because dental crowns are made on the same day and use high-quality ceramic materials, patients can expect this type of crown to be natural-looking, which is what most patients are looking for nowadays. While using ceramic materials makes for a great appearance, it also means that this type of crown will not be as durable as a traditional metal crown.

They can last up to 15 years

It is possible for patients to get up to 15 years of wear when choosing this type of crown, which is considered to be a long time for restorative dental treatments to last. In order for someone to experience this type of longevity, it is essential that they provide themselves with proper oral hygiene.

They offer a more comfortable process

When same day dental crowns are chosen, patients do not need to have an impression taken of their teeth and instead will enjoy the benefit of undergoing the digital impression process. Add to this the fact that this type of crown decreases a patient's discomfort as there is no need to have a temporary crown placed and then removed to place the permanent crown, and it is easy to see why so many patients are choosing this option.

Are you currently in need of a dental crown?

Do same day crowns sound like the right choice for you? If you are currently in need of one or more dental crowns, then making an appointment for same day treatment is going to save you time. Since the main benefit that comes with choosing this option is that you can have your dental crowns placed in just one dental appointment, you can get the crowns you need to be placed quickly so you can once again have a healthy mouth.

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