What Foods Can You Eat When You Have Dentures?

Now that you have traded in your chompers for dentures, it is time to pick out the best foods for these artificial teeth.  You can still eat the majority of the foods you love when dentures are in your mouth. However, some foods and beverages will pose problems for your dentures.

Below, we take a look at some of the best and worst foods and beverages for your dentures.

You Can Still Enjoy Meat While Wearing Dentures

When it comes to meat, fish, chicken and ground meat tend to be easiest on dentures.  Opt for one of these three varieties to get your daily protein instead of steak or another overly-chewy meat like pork chops and you will not have any issues with your dentures.

Puree Your Fruits

Denture-wearers will be better served by pureeing their fruit instead of biting right into it.  You can puree the skin in addition to the “meat” of the fruit. In fact, most fruit skin has essential nutrients that are important for health.  This does not mean you have to completely eliminate the vegetables and fruits from your diet that cannot be pureed.

If you are insistent on eating certain vegetables like corn-on-the-cob, cut it off the cob. If your vegetable or fruit is in small pieces and provided with some time to soften, it will apply that much less pressure to your dentures.

Mind the Caffeine

Most people drink tea, coffee or soda.  All three pose a threat to your dentures. People who wear denture must be hyper-aware of moisture in their mouth.  If there is not ample saliva, the dentures will encounter friction with the gums. Caffeine dehydrates the mouth as well as the body. Make the switch to decaf and you will do your dentures a big favor.  

Choose Pitted Olives Over Nuts and Crackers

Pitted olives are much easier to chew than nuts.  Though pitted olives do not provide that same satisfying crunch, they are not a threat to your dentures.  Pitted olives have heart-healthy fats that reduce cholesterol. You can also enjoy berries and seedless grapes as alternatives to hard-textured snacks that can damage your dentures.  These healthy foods will not get stuck below your dentures like the seeds in crackers and bread.

Enjoy Air-puffed Veggie Crisps Instead of Popcorn

Most people crave salty snacks at least a couple times per week at a bare minimum.  Try to steer clear of popcorn and other foods with sharp or hard bits. These little hard pieces are a threat to your dentures and your oral comfort. Choose veggie chips over popcorn to prevent issues with your dentures.

The only concern with certain veggie crisps is some have the potential to become sticky immediately after chewing.  So be sure to drink water after you chow down to stimulate the production of saliva. As long as there is ample moisture in your mouth, your dentures will have the suction necessary to remain firmly in place.

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