What Is Teeth Bleaching?

What Is Teeth Bleaching?

What Is Teeth Bleaching?

Teeth bleaching is the application of hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. The goal of applying it is to restore your teeth’s white color. As you age, your teeth begin to turn yellow, which can impact your appearance. Poor dental habits like failure to brush or floss can expedite the discoloration.

There are two fields of teeth bleaching. Professional bleaching is under the supervision of a dental professional. Over-the-counter teeth bleaching is with products you buy at a drugstore. Professional services provide peace of mind but are also more expensive. Learn more about teeth bleaching below.

Teeth bleaching vs. teeth whitening

Teeth bleaching is the use of chemicals to whiten teeth. Hydrogen peroxide chemically induces a change in a tooth’s color. Teeth whitening can also occur without the use of chemicals. The reality, however, is that most whitening products use chemicals. For this reason, teeth bleaching and teeth whitening are often used interchangeably.

Professional teeth bleaching

Professional treatments include in-office bleaching and take-home trays. In-office bleaching take place in about an hour under direct dental supervision. Take-home plates are custom-fitted for teeth dimensions and work overtime. Both procedures have high success rates and both are expensive.

Take-home trays include a bleach-filled gel that covers the teeth. Dishes look much like a plastic retainer. The mechanism is fitted for your teeth when you provide an impression. The plate works gradually to whiten teeth.

Over-the-counter teeth bleaching

Some people cannot afford in-office treatment. The alternatives exist at a local drugstore. Most drugstores sell teeth bleaching products. The types include take-home trays, strips and toothpaste. The success rate is not as high, but the products do work if appropriately applied.

Whitening strips are one of the most popular products at drugstores. These convenient strips are applied to teeth and then discarded. They are known to be cost-friendly and easy to use. Whitening toothpaste is also suitable for individuals who would like to incorporate whitening into daily dental habits.

Maximizing teeth bleaching

For treatments to work, good dental habits must be formed. Brushing and flossing daily should be regular habits. Individuals should also use mouthwash and avoid sugary soft drinks. Some dentists even recommend avoiding foods with artificial flavoring.

Smoking is the worst action for dental hygiene. Individuals who whiten their teeth and continue to smoke can see the results worsen. Smokers may need to whiten more often than others, which can become expensive. They might lose teeth enamel more quickly too.

Speak with a dental professional

Hydrogen peroxide works to restore teeth color. Both professional and over-the-counter options exist. Practicing good dental habits is also important to maximize results after teeth bleaching.

If you feel that teeth bleaching is for you, contact your dentist. The office will walk you through the process and set up a consultation. A professional can put teeth bleaching in context to apply to your situation. Making the right decision often comes down to resources and insights.

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