What Kind Of Dentist Can Administer Veneers?

What Kind Of Dentist Can Administer Veneers?

What Kind Of Dentist Can Administer Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin layers that are placed over teeth to improve the appearance of the tooth and protect it from further damage. They are used to treat a range of cosmetic and oral health concerns, including chips, stains and misalignments. It is important to know who to visit for the best dental veneers treatment. 
Who to visit for veneers treatment
Many dental professionals offer veneers treatment, including general dentists, cosmetic dentists and some orthodontists. Endodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons do not typically offer veneers. The following is a guide to what dentists can effectively and safely administer veneers. This information can also be used to determine how to choose the professional that is right for you. 

General dentists
General dentists help patients improve their oral health and appearance. Since veneers offer oral health and cosmetic benefits, general dentists often offer the treatment. A general dentist may recommend dental veneers to treat issues of worn-down enamel, chips and cracks in teeth or for primarily cosmetic reasons such as to address issues of stains that cannot be improved to the desired shade through whitening, misshapen teeth or slightly crooked teeth. 
They may also recommend other treatments in addition to veneers, such as periodontal disease treatment and cavity fillings. Many recommend visiting a general dentist for veneers as they are focused strongly on both improving cosmetics and oral health. 

Cosmetic dentists
The primary focus of cosmetic dentists is to improve the patient’s smile. While they can of course diagnose and treat some oral health issues, they may not offer treatments that do not provide a direct cosmetic benefit. Nevertheless, almost all dental professionals who practice as cosmetic dentists offer dental veneers treatment. They are trained and experienced in helping patients through each step of the veneers process.

Orthodontists rarely offer veneers treatment. They are primarily focused on improving the alignment of the teeth and jaw. While veneers can improve some cases of mild teeth misalignment, they do not correct jaw alignment in any way. Orthodontists are more likely to recommend and provide braces or clear aligners treatment. However, some orthodontists may offer and have experience with veneers treatment. 

Who to choose for veneers treatment
The type of dental professional you choose to administer veneers depends on personal preference and need. One main factor is the reason for the veneers. If oral health concerns exist, then a general dentist is likely the best professional to visit. If the concern is purely cosmetic, then a cosmetic dentist may be a better option. For alignment concerns, visiting an orthodontist for veneers (or another form of teeth straightening) may be the most appropriate solution. 

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