What To Do if a Dental Crown Is Loose

What To Do if a Dental Crown Is Loose

What To Do if a Dental Crown Is Loose

A loose or missing dental crown can be considered a dental emergency. It can be helpful to schedule a dentist appointment as soon as possible, and most dentists will attempt to see this type of patient within 48 hours. Doing so can potentially save the natural tooth underneath from further damage.

Reasons and remedies for a loose crown

Once a crown becomes loose or falls off, it typically needs to be replaced by a dental professional. Attempting to repair it at home can lead to further damage to both the crown and the natural tooth. 

Lack of cement

A dental crown is secured to the natural tooth with dental cement. If a dentist does not use enough cement, the crown can more easily become loose while chewing. A crown that has loosened due to a lack of cement can typically be removed and replaced. Although temporary tooth cement can possibly be purchased from a drug store, it is still a good idea to have a dentist reattach the crown with professional permanent cement. 

Improper fit

Before a dentist places a crown, a mold is typically taken of the remaining natural tooth. This helps to ensure the crown fits snugly on top and remains secure while chewing. Although it is a rare occurrence, there can be issues with the crown fitting exactly onto the remaining tooth. A crown that does not fit properly is at greater risk of becoming loose.

When an improper fit is the cause of a loose crown, the crown must be removed. A new mold is then typically made of the remaining tooth and a new crown is created in an attempt to make a replacement that fits more exactly.

Insufficient tooth structure

To place the crown, a dental professional must shave down the natural tooth. In certain cases where large amounts of a tooth are decayed, the bulk of the enamel is taken off. Because the crown is fixed in place by cementing it to the remaining tooth, a crown can come loose more easily when there is less of the natural tooth is left. If a crown continues to come loose for this reason, a more drastic fix like a dental implant may be necessary.

Additional decay

Decay erodes the enamel and can destroy what little natural tooth exists underneath the crown. Because the crown is fitted precisely to the natural tooth, if part of the remaining tooth is eroded, the crown will not fit as exactly and can become loose. When this happens, it can be necessary to remove the crown and make a new one that fits the changed shape of the existing tooth. 


When a dental crown becomes loose, it is wise to make a dental appointment right away. Because there are many reasons a crown can become loose, allowing a dentist to ascertain the cause of the issue and recommend a solution can help ensure the problem does not continue to occur. 

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