What Type of Floss Should You Use?

Take a look at the supermarket shelves, and you will find no shortage of floss options. The type you use determines the extent of oral clean, your comfort level and whether you have to use a second piece of floss. There is no sense trying each variety to figure out which is best for your mouth, when our dental experts can tell you exactly what will suit your oral needs and preferences.

Focus on selecting the right type of floss in addition to maintaining proper flossing frequency

It is not enough to floss after each meal. Using the wrong type of floss will result in disappointment. Using the right type will result in much healthier gums and teeth. Though it is tempting to settle on the floss that feels the best and is the easiest to use, there is more to this important dental cleaning tool. Floss varieties differ by material, flavor, quality, price and many other factors.

Waxed floss vs. unwaxed floss

Some people are concerned about whether the floss will glide easily over their teeth, and so use waxed floss. That waxed floss is easier to move between the teeth is the primary difference between it and the unwaxed variety and a large part of the reason waxed floss is so popular. Its slick coating allows for a thorough cleaning without worry during the cleaning process. This variety of floss is thick, so it is not the best for those who tend to break floss due to cramped spaces between their teeth. Those who have an aggressive flossing technique might also find the thickness of waxed floss to be more challenging.

Unwaxed floss is considerably thinner and much easier to fit into those small spaces between teeth. People who do not like the feel of waxed floss on their fingers will use the unwaxed variety. There is nothing wrong in admitting waxed floss makes it difficult to maintain a firm grip when cleaning teeth!

Oral irrigators

Water flossers clean between the teeth in quite the unique manner. Studies have not confirmed whether oral irrigators are just as effective as regular floss, but there is no doubt that using this alternative approach is better than avoiding flossing altogether.

Ultra floss

This type of floss is thicker than other varieties. Its appeal lies in the fact that it can be stretched to slide between tight spaces between teeth. This is the perfect floss option for those who have spaces of varying sizes between their teeth.

Talk to your dentist

If you want to learn more about what type of floss is optimal for your mouth, what the difference is between floss varieties and other nuances of floss, your dental office will be able to answer all your questions and address any of your concerns.

Request an appointment in our Walnut Creek dentist office here: https://www.dentistrywalnutcreek.com.

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