When Would Oral Surgery Be Necessary?

When Would Oral Surgery Be Necessary?

When Would Oral Surgery Be Necessary?

A dentist can take many approaches to treat oral health issues. Lifestyle changes, more frequent cleanings, dental work, and medication may be used. Oral surgery may also need to be incorporated into a patient's treatment plan. Even though healthy alternatives exist that can help reduce pain and improve tooth and gum health, there are circumstances in which oral surgery is a necessity.

Common situations that require oral surgery

Some dental issues simply cannot be managed correctly or effectively without surgical treatment. While it may seem intimidating to some patients, oral surgery is relatively common and can be used to treat a wide variety of problems.

Impacted tooth extraction

Many people need to have some teeth professionally removed at some point during their lives. For most, this is a result of impacted wisdom teeth. These molars in the very back of the mouth can cause pain, alignment issues, and infections when left untreated. However, wisdom teeth are not the only teeth that can become impacted. Any baby or permanent tooth can fail to erupt above the gum line and require oral surgery for removal.

Placing dental implants

Dental implants are a popular treatment option for replacing severely damaged or missing teeth. A crown is attached to a metal rod, usually made of titanium, which must be inserted below the gum line so it can attach to the jawbone. Oral surgery is required for this type of procedure.

Cancer treatment

When dealing with oral cancer, there are several situations that may require oral surgery. Removing tumors or cysts is the most common. In severe cases, sections of hard or soft tissue may also need to be removed to stop cancerous growth.

Severe jaw problems

The temporomandibular joint disorder can cause pain, tension, and inflammation in the jaw. For some, the discomfort can be managed with lifestyle changes or medication. Severe cases may require surgery for relief.

Dental injuries or trauma

A sudden impact on the mouth can result in serious or numerous dental injuries. Sometimes, the force is great enough to break bones in addition to loosening, damaging, or knocking out teeth. Severe dental injuries may require oral surgery for a complete repair.

Bite alignment issues

Improper bite alignment can be a problem when left untreated. It can result in dental or facial pain, along with speech and digestive issues. Some bite patterns can be fixed by straightening teeth. Others, especially those caused by issues with the palate bone, may require oral surgery as well.

Sleep apnea complications

Sleep apnea is a common but serious condition that can increase the risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even early death. Some cases are treatable with devices and appliances. Others require oral surgery to remove airway obstructions.


Oral surgery is often the last resort when it comes to treating dental issues. Even so, it is still relatively common since it is frequently needed to prevent serious complications in the future. Talk with your dentist to determine whether this type of treatment is necessary for your own dental and overall health.

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