Will it hurt? Pain perception at the dentist

Will it hurt? Pain perception at the dentist

Will it hurt? Pain perception at the dentist

Upon hearing the phrase, “It’s time for a dental checkup,” there might be a twinge of fear in the back of your mind. Your eyes widen as memories of painful and uncomfortable dental procedures rise up. No one likes a trip to the dentist, but is it really so bad? The answer can sometimes vary.

Pain perception during a dental procedure

There are a few reasons as to why a dental visit can be painful for some and not for others. One reason involves the mindset of the patient going into the visit. A person who struggles with anxiety about visiting the dentist may perceive a regular checkup as a painful and traumatizing experience.

A study published in the Journal of Oral Sciences and led by Pallavi Agrawal, Ph.D., and other researchers, titled the “Relationship between dental anxiety and pain perception during scaling,” explores the connection between dental anxieties in patients with the perception of pain. There were 100 patients in the study and underwent the same dental procedure of scaling the teeth for all plaque bacteria from the teeth.

The study states that, “Patients were found to experience only limited pain during scaling,” and that, “They were anxious because they expected pain.” While the procedure may not have been the most comfortable procedure, the anxiety made it worst. Mouthhealthy.org offers a few tips to deal with dental anxiety, including:

  • Speaking about the dental anxiety to the dentist
  • Having the patient set up a time that works for him or her
  • Wear headphones during the procedure
  • While these can help to treat any anxiety one feels toward a dental visit, a dentist who practices gentle dentistry can help with any pain one might feel.

The need for a gentle dentist

Believe it or not, most dentists do not want the patients to feel any pain and are trying to keep their teeth healthy to prevent future pain. However, the less someone takes care of his or her teeth, the greater possibility that the next dental visit will hurt. A dentist, who focuses on gentle dentistry, will do everything in his or her power to be careful and gentle with the patient’s teeth.

Patient comfort is another key factor for many dental offices, as sedation methods are available for patients with dental anxiety. The best part is that the effects of certain sedation methods will wear off after the procedure, allowing the patient to continue with his or her day. Finding a dentist who is gentle with patients is also beneficial for families seeking a family-friendly dentist. Gentle dentistry can help alleviate a child's fears about visiting the dentist.

In some cases, a dental checkup can be a little painful, yet patients can speak up and say when it starts to hurt. A proper gentle dentist will listen to the patient and be as careful as possible during treatment. Do not let the fear of pain keep you away from the dentist and schedule an appointment today.

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