Root Canal Treatment in Walnut Creek, CA

Root Canal Treatment in Walnut Creek, CA

Dental root canal treatment is a procedure that involves removing the infected tooth pulp from the root canal and cleaning the dental pulp chamber. The oral cavity contains a large central cavity that houses the nerves and blood vessels of the teeth. The dental pulp or nerve contains touch and pain receptors that are responsible for sensations of the teeth. The nerves of the teeth are further protected by a covering known as dentin, which is further enclosed by hard tooth enamel.

What Causes the Dental Pulp to Be Infected?

The dental pulp can get infected due to several reasons such as cavities, trauma, external injury, etc. Cavities are known to be the leading cause of dental pulp infection, as they can cause severe damage to the nerves. When the nerves get infected, it can lead to severe pain and sensitivity in the tooth. Sometimes, even a single brushing of the teeth can cause excruciating pain when you have a root canal infection. The infection could spread to other neighboring teeth if left untreated.

Some of the symptoms are:

  • Pain in the infected tooth and surrounding tissues
  • Swelling near the infected tooth
  • Discharge of pus from the gums near the tooth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Sensitivity and pain while biting and chewing food, brushing teeth, etc.
  • Inability to keep food particles from getting between infected teeth

Root Canal Procedure

Our dentist will visually inspect your mouth and determine your need for root canal therapy. Since it is a dental procedure that involves removing a portion of the infected tooth, it is better to have it treated right away to save it from being extracted. A diagnosis will be provided after examining you and determining whether or not you need root canal therapy. If required, X-rays and scans of your mouth will be taken for more detailed analysis.
Patients who have had root canal infections for a few days will be given antibiotics to treat them during this initial phase. When you visit us for further consultation, we will determine your need for this procedure through an oral exam. We will clean your mouth thoroughly prior to starting the treatment so as to remove all traces of food particles, microbes, plaque deposits, etc. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb your mouth during this procedure, which makes you feel absolutely no pain or discomfort. We will make small incisions on the infected tooth and remove its dental pulp using high-precision hand instruments. The wounds will be sealed with adhesive material after completing this procedure so as to prevent any infections or discharge of pus in the future. 


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